Education in Angola - An Overview

Though the Angolan financial economy is on the rise post civil war, its knowledge economy is still of poor class. There is less number of schools and university institutions than actually required. The enrollment in schools is significantly low. According to a study done by UNICEF during year 2001, approximately 56% children attend basic education in grade 1 to 4 with clear disparities by gender and socio economic groups. At present, approximately 1 million children are out of school due to lack of infrastructure and educational awareness. 

The UNICEF has found following reasons behind lack of schooling among Angolan children.
  • a weak institutional system in terms of structure, information and resources
  • low budget allocations for the education sector
  • weak coordination of all actors, hindering effective allocation of already scarce resources;
  • direct and indirect costs of education (e.g. ‘informal’ fees, material costs, opportunity costs);
  • a lack of adequate school infrastructures, including poor water and sanitation facilities;
  • a lack of basic school materials and teaching and learning materials;
  • a lack of teachers, in particular in remote and rural areas;
  • Overcrowded and multi-age classroom groups
According to official records of Ministry of Education of Angola, the girls’ enrollment during year 2002 was less than 40%. These conditions definitely need to be improved if Angola really wants to be a developed South African nation.

Schools like SOS Lubango Primary School and Luanda International School are committed to provide education to Angolan children despite all odds and lack of efforts from the Angolan sides.

Students who completes K-12 standard of education proceed for admission into higher education offered through different university departments.

For latest updates see official website of Government of Angola
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